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How are we the lowest cost internet provider in Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland?

We are just charging what's fair. If you look across Canada even the big guys charge less however for some reason here in the maritimes we still have to pay more.

Purple Cow's mission is to drive down the cost of internet while being the highest rated Internet Provider in Halifax, Charlottetown and all other cities in the Atlantic Provinces.

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google rating

Ranked best internet service provider in Halifax

Actually the highest rated in Canada

Adam G, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Purple cow is the only internet provider you need, and the only one you should consider. The internet service itself is fast and reliable - I don't have issues streaming, working from home, etc. Also, the customer service is unmatched. They connect by phone call, text, or video call. That connection is quick, so no long wait times on a phone. I always feel like positive reviews read as generic, but this is the truth. Purple Cow is the best. A+, 10/10, πŸ’―.

Shane W, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Not usually the type to post reviews but the service with this group warrants one. From first text to purple cow to streaming our first movie only took 3 days. Everyone was very helpful and set up was a breeze, they even checked our signal strength and did a follow up to make sure we were happy with everything. Thanks to all.

Monica R, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Honestly, the internet is just as good as any other service in Halifax. In my experience it matches Bell and Eastlink. The customer service has been spectacular for me. That was the real winner. Try calling Bell and it’s a mess of being transferred and wait times… I found it so easy to communicate with Purple Cow customer service.

Some common internet questions

Usually everything is complete within 3-4 business days unless a tech is required. We use local technicians to your area so depending on availability if a tech is required it can take a little longer. Normally a tech is only required if you are in a new construction or if you know there is no coax in your home.
We provide a Wifi router for free with your system. The router is awesome and sends out both 5G and 2.4G wifi. If you are having trouble getting the wifi all around your home there are several trouble shooting steps we can work with you on to make sure it works great in your home.
Super easy to adjust your package. Just shoot us a text and we will make any changes you like.
Every herd member is different however most of the time the Gig plan provides more bandwidth than you need. We always suggest starting on a lower package and working your way up if needed.
Our Internet is great. Check out our google reviews if you don't believe us. It is the same internet as the big guys only less expensive.

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Shoot us a message and our team will respond within mins

Our main form of communication here at Purple Cow is through text message. We love this as it keeps things more personal and keeps history of the entire conversation.


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