There are so many options out there for TV.



Basic cable starts at $20 for 24 channels and you can add different packages from there or add single channels for only $4 each. For the full channel lineup click here.

After signing up for Purple Cow’s internet online we can add the Atops services to your account.Β Atop is a pretty cool app that you download on Apple TV or Roku device just like Netflix. Only difference is, that you’re watching live TV.

Pros: Very affordable and Atop’s monthly cost can be combined with your monthly internet bill.

Cons: PVR is not available and Atop app can sometimes buffer.

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If you’re just looking for Sports, the Sportsnet Now app is for you. Stream the NHL, MLB, NBA and more for only $17 a month. See all the details here.

Sportsnet NOW gives you 24/7 access to Sportsnet, including additional content not available on TV.

Pro: App can be downloaded on most major platforms and has a really good customer support team if you run into issues.

Cons: App can be glitchy sometimes.

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