Amazing Internet, Only $60.


1. Signup online.

2. WiFi enabled modem is mailed to you.

3. Plug ‘er in and enjoy a greener pasture.

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WiFi router included for Free.

Hybrid Fibre, Unlimited Internet

up to 100Mbps down. 10Mbps up

No Rentals, Contracts, Credit Checks, just awesome cow internet for $60 a month and a one-time setup of 55 bucks.

How long does it take to switch?

Right now with the overwhelming demand we are booking for the week of January 6th.

What about home phone?

Heck yea! We partnered with a couple different phone providers. Get this. Buy the device for $55 and get the full year of service free. Then only $4 a month after the first year. Phone can be added through text after signing up for the internet online.

TV Options

Purple Cow offers amazing internet and can point you in the right direction to the TV fix you need through Atop TV. Checkout the channel lineup here. TVΒ can be added through text after signing up for the internet online.

How does billing work?

Billing is done on a credit card or visa debit card just like Netflix or other subscription sites. When you signup a charge is made on your card for the first month and setup. The date your internet turns on becomes your monthly bill date.

If you're tired of paying the big bucks to the big guys, come join the Herd!


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