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What's a Purple Cow?

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Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Purple Cow Internet is revolutionizing the ISP industry. Our mission is to dramatically reduce internet costs, creating value for everyone involved.

Consistently acclaimed, we've been named Halifax's top internet provider by Google reviews and The Coast. Additionally, our innovative approach has earned us multiple accolades, including the 'Best New Business of the Year' by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

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Same internet as the big guys, only less expensive

What makes Purple Cow different?

We took a look at all the reasons you might hate a provider and set out to fix all of those.

For starters we do not offer promotions with prices going up after a year. We do not charge you monthly for a wireless router or any of your equipment and finally when you call Purple Cow you will not have to wait on hold. A real person from Nova Scotia will pick up right away and will be happy to help out.

Our goal is to continuously improve and become the best internet provider not only in Halifax, Nova Scotia however right across the Maritimes.

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Want to add TV? No problem

Just download the app

Download the Purple Cow TV app and watch on your existing device

We designed our app to work on Apple, Android and Fire Stick's software. Also soon you will also be able to enjoy it on your computer browser. All you need is just a username and password.

Pause, Start, Record live TV all to the cloud so it is available on any of your devices for later.

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We are the highest rated internet provider in Nova Scotia

nothing wrong bragging a little :)

Angela S, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Too much to rave about, and not enough time in the day. In the lead up, I heard nothing but good things about Purple Cow from our clients and friends of friends, and word of mouth goes far around here. We jumped the fence, and the pastures really are greener on this side.

Dashuai S, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Brilliant service setup experience. Real person customer service representative sending text messages makes the interaction schedule flexible. Fast response with satisfying answers makes it a 5 star experience.

Colleen P, Charlottetown, PEI


New to the service, super simple setup. It took 4 days for the modem to arrive which is fantastic, and once hooked up we've had great service, modem speed have been fast. No problems whatsoever, no lagging, it's just been fantastic. I'm really happy with the service and I look forward to I a great future with Purple Cow! 💜🐮


Purple Cow's service is in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island & Newfoundland

We cover the majority of the above provinces. If you have any questions on serviceablity please check your address here online or shoot us a message.

Some common questions

Not at all. It is the same internet as the big guys. Our internet is awesome and we have tens of thousands of herd members to prove it.
Purple Cow Internet's goal is to drive down the cost of internet so we look for efficiencies where we can to make this happen.
Very much so. We have invested into state of the art equipment and double up on everything within our data centers to ensure redundancy. We have a 99.999% up time and will continue to investing into our equipment to make sure you have the best wifi experience.
Totally! Any friend you refer you receive $25 and they get $15. Once your internet is live you will receive a link that can be shared with friends and family. All they do is just signup as normal with your link and both of you will get the credit.
Billing is done on a credit card or visa debit card just like Netflix or other subscription sites. When you signup a charge is made on your card for the first month and setup. The date your internet turns on becomes your monthly bill date.
Yes, once you have the cow’s internet setup you will cancel with your other provider.

Still have a question?

Shoot us a message and our team will respond within mins

Our main form of communication here at Purple Cow is through text message. We love this as it keeps things more personal and keeps history of the entire conversation.


Final note. We think you're awesome

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